In an unexpected turn of events, Redd White is your client to protect his company, Bluecorp, from a class action lawsuit. In his most difficult case yet, Phoenix Wright has one job to do: To actually read Bluecorp's TOS (Terms of Service).

Explore Bluecorp's headquarters by examining areas and talking to employees, uncovering many dark secrets as you solve the mystery behind one of the biggest lies in the industry.

Developer Notes

  • If you get an error that says "wasm instantiation failed," play it in a new tab by clicking here. You could also try running it in a different browser, such as Chrome.
  • There's some lag in the online version, download the game for the non-laggy experience.


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Development log


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I actually love this game especially during quarantine

it goes on forever. even if you get like 30 answers right in a row it keeps going


This game...

....encapsulates TOS frustration perfectly. Just what the hell IS that blockade of text they specifically engineered to be ignored?! And why are any attempts to find the shady stuff in it, in-court or otherwise, so hard to do?!!