What happens if Elon Musk were to find Kars in space? A whole lot of chaos ensues and you have to defeat Kars before he reaches Earth.

How to play

  • Arrow keys: Move/control sprite, navigate the interface.
  • Space: Examine areas in a room, advances dialogue.
  • Enter: Choose menu items, advances dialogue.
  • "I": Show/hide inventory.
  • "P": Game preferences. Click "Return" to exit menu.

Game saves automatically. Go to Preferences to reset progress

Developer Notes

  • The online version is a bit laggy with jitters, especially with sound. The downloadable version of the game is the best working one, so try that if you have any issues.
  • If you get an error that says "wasm instantiation failed," play it in a new tab by clicking here. You could also try running it in a different browser, such as Chrome.


karselon-1.2-mac.zip 59 MB
karselon-1.2-linux.tar.bz2 64 MB
karselon-1.2-pc.zip 75 MB

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